2nd Annual ATG Playwrights Circle Staged Reading Festival

Hear new plays by New Mexico playwrights
May 11, 12, and 13, 2018
The Adobe Theater 9813 4th St. NW, Albuquerque
Hosted by ATG Playwrights Circle and The Adobe Theater

Festival Events

Friday May 11, 7:30pm: Allergy Tests by Richard Peck (Directed by Angela Wilson) 

Novelist David West suffers from two afflictions. In mid-career, allergy-ridden and inexplicably “blocked,” he can’t write. “Not all he can’t do,” says his recently-ex-wife Mary West, still his literary agent. Their family doctor, Kate Roper, has applied every physical test she knows and has turned to examining the more psychological David West. And, as what might turn out to be a last resort, Mary introduces into the mix a young editorial assistant, Jan McQuire, brought in to aid David with his writing . . . among other things. Each of the three women focuses on David’s needs, suppressing for the moment her own ambitions and concerns, till the turbulent mix bubbles over in ways surprising to all.

Saturday May 12, 7:30pm: The Golden Egg by Mark Flaherty (Directed by Jessica Osbourne) 

FINALLY!! Thomas Toad could gain complete control of the town, so long as he can shut down the Greasy Spoon - the last bastion of independence in town run by Toad's sworn enemy, Peggy. Thomas Toad has a plan, a plan that will set him up for life,if only Peggy’s cafe-cum-brothel activitydoesn’t get in the way. 

To the world, he is a pillar of the community but, at heart, he’s a criminal. Having procured the secret diary of the designer of Queen Mary's Sovereign Orb, Toad discovers that inside that orb is a Golden Egg with, perhaps, sacred power. So, he uses his connections to exhibit the piece - and then steal the Golden Egg! Except things don't go exactly to plan as allegiances shift and Toad’s dark past catches up with him.  

Sunday May 13, 2:00pm: Snack Shack by Joseph Sorrentino (Directed by Maury Evans)  

James dreams of being a writer but finds himself stuck working at a diner owned by his father, Pop. When a pretty, young assistant director working on a film that’s shooting near the diner enters his life and praises his work, he sees a possible way out. But that would mean leaving Philadelphia, his long-time girlfriend and the life he’s accustomed to. 

Tickets: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3319416
General admission: $10 per session
Festival pass (for ATG members only): $25  
At the door: Cash or check only
Information: abqtheatre.org and Facebook

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