Minutes of the Board Meeting
August 5th, 2017

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild convened at Rick Nickerson’s house. Present were Board members:  Jeff Anderson, Linda Lopez McAlister, Vicki Marie Singer, Mark Flaherty, Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Colleen McClure, Rick Nickerson, and Barry Simon.

1.   Call to Order and Introductions
President Anderson opened the meeting at 10:08, and everyone introduced each other.

2.   Approval of the July 2017 Board Minutes
Linda moved that the minutes be accepted; Vicki seconded. The minutes were approved.

3.   The President’s resignation
Dennis West resigned—as President and board member—following the July meeting. As Vice president, Jeff had assumed the role of President on Dennis’ resignation. This was formally brought before the board, with Vicki nominating and Sherry seconding. Jeff made clear that he will be extremely busy over the next six months, and will work with Vicki to be as effective as possible as President. Colleen was nominated to be Vice president by Vicki and Mark seconded. Vicki will update the details on the web. Linda Height has also resigned as board member following the July meeting. Sherry also suggested that the board try to get further non-board members to also get involved.   

4.  Treasurer’s Report
Linda Lopez McAllister confirmed that we got both grants: Linebury and NM Arts. Treasury report attached: Linda confirms we are in good shape financially.  

5.  Buzz Committee Reports
Vicki presented a brief report based on papers prepared by Vern Poitras. 

Spotlight: Vicki advised that currently five advertisers have not sent copy. This was due on July 26th. All have been contacted; photography submissions being worked on. August 21st to press.

6.  Old Business
A.  September retreat
The board decided it should be moved to October 14th, 11-3pm to maximize attendance. Venue confirmed by Colleen to be North 4th Theater.

B.  Guide distribution
Distribution committee needed – 2,000 copies need to go out. Mark to hold the boxes. To be collected 1st Friday in September. Dave’s Fun and Games is contracted to take about 4-5 boxes for balloon museum, libraries, and other events.

C.  Member-Generated Grants
It was agreed that Ray Orley should be asked to put together individual member-grant process. The deadline for members to send their applications is September 8th. Vicki joined the Member-Generated Grants committee. Jeff suggested that members should be notified that they have a year to expend the funds from when they are received. The board voted in favor.

D.  TLC events/TLC grants:
No one is running the events right now. The possibility of combining the TLC grant committee with the MGG committee was discussed. Barry volunteered to run the TLC events committee. The membership committee will help with the communication. Linda will put things in the newsletter. Barry will talk to Ray about combining grant committees. It was agreed that the decision needs to be run by the board before letters are sent out. Sherry suggested excerpts of the reports to be used to publicize the success of the grants. Member-generated grant is $2,000 (usually split between three recipients); TLC grant is $1,000.

E.   Membership committee/ID cards
Vicki has ID cards. There is one email. Vicki and Mark will meet Andy on Sunday and work out the allocation of tasks, who manages the email, the process to deal with new members, and who is the membership chair (possibly Vicki/Mark co-chair). They will report this back to the board at least by the next meeting.  There are still ID cards to go out.

7.  New Business
A.  Org. Member dues and Tier Levels

Linda was concerned that certain organizational member had been shifted to a different tier based on state tax department definition of operating budget rather than the upgrading expenses of staged productions. Apparently, this upset one or two organizations. Rick thought that operating budget measure had merit, and if organizations are judged by staged productions that that part of the organization should be the only named part of the organization that should receive the funds. It was agreed the three-tier system is difficult for organizations to understand and this should be made clearer. A meeting was suggested to decide how to do this, how to clarify the tier system, and whether this is how we still want to proceed with this policy. Everyone is welcome. Mark will email to organize a meeting to decide this and will bring back the results of the meeting to the board.

B.  Setting up committees
Committees currently stand as following:

·      Buzz: Vern (chair) Barry, Colleen, Linda, Vicki, Lexi
·      Play: Colleen (chair), Rick, Linda, Alesha
·      Youth: Rick (chair), Sherry
·      General Auditions: Sherry (chair), Mark
·      TLC Events: Barry (chair)
·      Unity: Sherry (chair), Vicki (maybe)  
·      Fundraising: Linda (chair?), Jeff, Mark, Vicki (maybe)
·      Membership: Mark (co-chair), Vicki (co-chair), Andy, Jennifer
·      Member-generated Grants: Ray (chair), Vicki

In addition, Linda will continue to be the Treasury contact.

It was noted that any member with a conflict (with the committee they are involved with) should disclose this and recuse themselves if necessary.

C   Other business
Membership ID Cards:
maybe changed next year. To ATG-TLC. This year we’ll just use the cards that are printed. Membership committee members will continue to answer any issues on that.  

Emails: to be sent to relevant people on the board only (with Jeff copied in).

Increasing the board: Jeff will send an invitation to ATG members to become board members. We will vote at the next meeting, if people nominate themselves.

Meeting prep: from now on, everyone will email reports to the board. Either Jeff or Mark will circulate the agenda.  

Circles: Sherry and Mark – will work together to reinstate Actors Circle and Directors Circle.

7.  Next meeting
The dates for the meeting will be 10am, Saturday September 9th.  Venue: Rick’s house.

8.  Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 11.59 a.m.



July 1, 2017 at Rick Nickerson’s house

Present: Vicki Singer, Vern Poitras, Dennis West, Linda Lopez McAlister (hereafter called Linda 1), Barry Simon, Andy Mayo, Linda Heidt (hereafter called Linda 2), Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Jeff Anderson, Rick Nickerson, Mark Flaherty

Absent: Colleen McClure

Vicki called the meeting to order at 10:15. Since the June minutes had been sent and corrected by email, she asked that they be approved. Agreed with no dissent. 

Treasurer’s report (Linda Lopez McAlister): Although the fiscal year ended June 31, Spotlight ad money is still due to come in, which will cover an apparent two hundred + dollar shortfall. We are in good fiscal shape. Dennis moved that the treasurer’s report be accepted. Rick seconded. All approved. 

Vicki called for nominations of new Board officers:

President: Sherry nominated Dennis West, Vicki seconded. Unanimously approved. Dennis said it was most important that board members work together, offering ideas and proposals. He might form an executive committee to facilitate this.

Vice -President: Outgoing VP Vern described duties of the office-- mainly being supportive of the president, chairing meetings in the president’s absence, and generally filling in wherever needed. Linda 1 nominated Jeff Anderson, who had served on the Board several years ago, Vicki seconded. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer: Linda 1 offered to continue in this position. Dennis moved to nominate her, Jeff seconded. Unanimously approved.

Secretary: Sherry described the duties, primarily recording, distributing, and getting board approval for minutes of board meetings. Mark volunteered for the position.

Vicki moved to accept his offer, Sherry seconded. Unanimously approved.


Vicki: Our annual Board Retreat with a facilitator has generally been in January, but this year, with 7 new Board members, it was decided to let the new board set up the Retreat on their own. Terry Davis from Popejoy had agreed to act as facilitator in July, but what does the new board want? Dennis said the board was too new to meet in July and moved that the Retreat be moved to the fall. Barry made the formal motion that the Retreat be moved from July to early September, Mark seconded and there was unanimous approval. 

Vicki: Two new organizations want to become members, but she noted that they must meet board approval before actually being accepted. #1 is Gonzo Opera. Rick vouched for them, saying they were new, very small and supported by Opera Southwest.

Linda 1 moved that they be approved, Rick seconded. Unanimously approved.  

Second organization was Jewish Community Center. There was discussion as to whether they should be considered as a voting organizational member (producing their own works) 

or a non-voting venue (showcasing outside productions). Several members noted that they do produce a limited number of shows each year. Rick expressed concern that we might expand too much with non-producing companies. Vicki countered saying we have fewer organizational members than before. Several companies have gone out of business and we actually need more organizational members. Barry moved to allow the JCC to become a voting organizational member. Jeff seconded. Unanimous approval.

Andy has created a tutorial on the ATG website teaching people how to apply for membership. All organizations have several profiles—one for the organization itself and one for the organization liaison. Jennifer Kavka will assume membership duties and monitor the gmail address. She is not on the board, so that address should only be used for membership matters.

To contact Andy, use his abqwriter address.

Vicki announced that Lexi Petronis will replace Cheri Costales as the new Webmaster.

She emailed a list of current committees to each board member. Everyone should decide on what committee(s) they would like to serve and send that information to Dennis.

Dennis suggested that volunteers from the general membership be encouraged to work on committees. 

Barry suggest ATG create a monthly podcast to promote shows. All member theatres with upcoming shows would have a 5-minute segment to promote them. 

Proposed budget: Linda 1 presented the proposed 2018 budget which assumes that we will receive another Lineberry grant. (This funds PlayDates and Youth Scholarships.)

Barry questioned $10,000 expense for Spotlight. Discussion. General agreement that this is a flagship item but needs better distribution. Perhaps develop a distribution committee, ask for volunteers—especially in Santa Fe area. Vicki moved that we accept the proposed 2018 budget. Rick seconded. All approved.

New business: Barry suggested that all emails should have a link to the ATG website at the bottom of the page.

Vicki said new ideas should be put together as proposal to the board. Meet as a committee first, decisions can be emailed. Much committee work can be done by email, not necessarily face to face meetings. 

Next meeting scheduled for August 5th, location TBA.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM

ATG BOARD meeting, March 4 at Sherry Rabbino Lewis’  house

Present: Vern Poitras, Linda Lopez McAlister, Andy Mayo, Reeve Love, Sherry Rabbino Lewis.  Attending: Rick Nickerson

Absent: Vicki Singer, Alicia Lueras Maldonado, George Williams

Special report:  Fran Ahern Smith

In Vicki’s absence, Vern called the meeting to order at 10:05AM. 

Treasurer’s Report for February (Linda):  


Ad sales          =  $400 (Rio Grande Arts & Crafts)
Individual Cont.     =    750 (unrestricted)
Individual“           =      50 (restricted —Play Fest)
Network for Good=    75 (restricted—Play Fest))
Network For Good =  315(unrestricted)
United Way      =    10 (   “     )

   TOTAL:                   $1600

Bank charge       =  $   3
Square Space=   192
Website service=   100
Accountant         =    225

   TOTAL             =  $520

   BALANCE       =$1080

ATG is in good shape but we should be looking to other foundations for support for future years.  Bank of Albuquerque still has a separate account for TLC. Linda moved that we transfer the balance left in that account, merge it with the ATG accountsand close the TLC account.  Passed unanimously. 

Claudia, Linda, Vicki and Vern met last week at the bank and had their signatures approved to sign checks and use the debit card.  Linda moved to remove Denise Schultz as a signatory. Passed unanimously.  Andy suggested that the “TLC“ categoryon the treasurer’s report should be changed to “Events”. He moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Passed unanimously.

Committee reports had been previously distributed to Board members by email so there was no formal reading of them. 

MEMBERSHIP:  Andy discussed the discount policy for members joining late in the year.  Last year a 50% discount was given to members joining in Dec-April. Most did not renew. Andy suggested that an incentive be given for renewal.  He moved: for those members who join between December and May we give a 30% discount at renewal. Passed unanimously.

EVENTS: Andy asked that Board members suggest ideas for panels, and presentations for TLC/ATG,  as well as contact theatres to find more venues willing to do events. Discussion: how about a programexploring dramaturgy?  or a panel of solo show performers, exploring what is involved in creating such an event?  

WEBSITE POSTING:  Vern raised some issues: some theatres aren’t posting their shows on the ATG website and there is confusion about who can post what. He moved that any individual member of ATG be allowed to post his/her show or audition information on our website.  Sherry seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Should there be a job opening category?  Andy moved that Cheri be asked to add an Employment Opportunity category to the ATG websites. Vern seconded. Passed unanimously.   

Andy’s play reading is April 29th. He asked if Playwrights’ Circle, although not an organizational member, can post notices on ATG websites?  Consensus was that, as a branch of ATG, such groups should be allowed to post.

BOARD MEMBERSHIP:  The question of Rick Nickerson’s return to the Board was discussed.  Rick said he has been very busy with musical gigs as well as working with Linda on PlayDates and Vicki on Youth Scholarships. He asked if he could return to the Board with the understanding that he might not make all the meetings.  Andy moved that Rick be reinstated to serve out the rest of his term.  Passed unanimously. He was warmly welcomed back!

UPCOMING ELECTIONS: Linda reminded the board that we will have to elect new members at the Annual Meeting and that names must be posted in advance, although people can be nominated at the meeting.  There will be two open individual seats and one organizational seat(Reeve Love—NHCC ). New organizational members are elected by a mail ballot sent to organizational members only.

BOOTHS: Vern will be manning a booth at the Arts and Crafts Fair the weekend of March 10-12 and asked for volunteer sitters.  

PrideFest is in June and he proposes that we exhibit there, but needs information as to fees.  There are two events in May at Balloon Fiesta Park which he thinks would be good showcases: the Renaissance Fair April 29. They supply a table, canopy and a 10’x10’ booth, which must be decorated with a medieval theme. They charge $50.Thesecond event is the Wine Festival May 27-30 (they supply a 10’x20’ booth, table and canopy). They charge $475. He proposed that money from the Buzz Committee be used for these events and there was consensus that this be done.

PLAYDATES:  Linda said PlayDates is is going well, but isn’t signing up as many school groups as before. APS is very helpful, but teachers are very busy with tests during spring semester and weekends are difficult for them. Small groups and groups from community organizations are attending. It was suggested that outreach should be made to Home School associations.

YOUTH SCHOLARSHIPS:  Sherry reported that so far eight theatres will be providing programs for which Youth Scholarship winners will be able to apply. 

SUNPORT DISPLAY (April21-June1): Sherry reported that eleven companies have agreed to lend items.  Five worker bees (including Vern and Sherry) have been recruited for setting up the display and she is hoping to enlist Kenneth Ansloan and/or Dean Squibb for that day as well.  Linda suggested contacting Jaime Pardo for costumes for the display.

SPOTLIGHT:  Vern gave Vicki’s report: Boxes of the new Spotlight are at her house ready to be picked up.  Some have already been delivered to theatres opening new shows this week. This issue has six paid ads and three given in trade.

 APRIL 23 GALA at the Balloon museum is set except for decorations. Invitations are designed and will be sent out.  Cooperage is supplying food (a light buffet at $12.50 per person) and cash bar. They will deliver, serve and clean up.  Candy Lady will supplytwo sheet cakes in exchange for Spotlight ad.  Museum security will cost $150.

Fran Ahern Smith arrived (11AM) to report on the excellent progress she is making towards obtaining items for the gala’s silent auction. Linda brought copies of the donor sheets we are using and Fran described the way she approaches potential donors, listed those who have offered items so far, and requested that the Board be sure to thank and patronize those businesses.  She and Linda will be in charge of setting up and overseeing the four tables allocated to the silent auction.  Aside from the party, Flying Star on Menaul will devote a one night percentage of sales to ATGat a date TBA.

Meeting adjourned by popular consent at 11:55AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Secretary 

February 4, 2017

at Sherry’s house Called to order 10:10AM

Present: Vicki Singer, Vern Poitras, Reeve Love, Hasani Olujimi, Andy Mayo, Alicia Lueras Maldonado, Sherry Rabbino-Lewis

Absent: George Williams, Linda Lopez McAlister

January minutes previously approved by email.

Treasurer’s report tabled.

Andy: The Playwrights Festival, scheduled for May 20th at the Adobe, has received 13 scripts so far (collected by Rick Nickerson and delivered anonymously). Deadline is Feb 21, so more may come in. They will pay 10% of the gate to the Adobe and directors will be compensated. Most of the money raised will go towards promotion.

The TLC needs a full-time leader since Wendy Granat has resigned. Andy and Colleen McClure are working together to create an event at West End Productions.  He asked for volunteers to do event planning; he is willing to continue handling the computer aspects, but the events planning is very complicated and time consuming and should go to someone with a knowledge of local theatre.

The Maya Angelou program requires $5 per person. Decision was made to ask AAPAC to give $2 discount to ATG/TLC members rather than cancel the event. Hasani will ask them.

Andy suggested that the Board consider restructuring membership fees. He feels they are too low—Members don’t appreciate what ATG does for them; therefore, they don’t take it seriously and don’t respond to requests for information or volunteers. Vicki noted that this was equally true of member theatres.

Further discussion of TLC: Leader should have a written list of duties and should have two volunteer assistants. Hasani noted that several board members should attend all interviews with potential TLC leader. Vern said he had simplified TLC tasks, eliminating some of the things Kay did—like sending a weekly newsletter to TLC members and scheduling numerous events each month. He cut it down to two events per month and steered members to ATG’s website to check for show information.

Vicki: Regarding Facebook posts, which Alicia is now running. Problem is: should they promote individuals? NM Theatre Connection is now getting all those postings. Cheri Costales has lots of ideas about this. To be discussed at a later time.

Airport display is scheduled for April 21st. Sherry will head up the project and contact theatres for items.

Hasani: April 23rd Gala is set. Decor is black and white, theme is “All the world’s a stage.” Cooperage will do food. Vicki persuaded them to provide a wonderful menu for $12.50 per person and they will do EVERYTHING, including deliver and clean up! Bar- tender tab also half price—$150—as it was last year. Candy Lady will make 2 sheet cakes in exchange for Spotlight ad.  Members will be free, non-members $20. We should require reservations, take credit card numbers from everyone so that no-shows can be charged. Hasani will send out an announcement about this. Comic entertainment will be provided by Rumble, including Shakespeare-related interaction with the audience, aided by Alley Cats. Vicki will probably MC the evening.

Varied Discussion: How to honor Ray Orley on this 10th anniversary—ATG was his idea—Should we request a proclamation from the mayor? Also, there should be a printed program.

Check to see if member theatres list ATG discounts on their websites.

If an individual member wants to send a notice out to the membership, should they be able to? Consensus was yes, as long as it is theatre related.

Vern noted that the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Fair Spring Show will be March 10-12 at Expo NM. ATG will again have a booth and volunteers will be needed to help with booth-sitting. A request for materials to display and distribute will be sent to member organizations the last week in February.

Sherry wondered if ATG could create a display on the history of theatre in NM for the Albuquerque Museum. They are asking for community based exhibit proposals. Problem: who would do it? The idea was considered in the past—Any volunteers?

Next four meetings will be at AAPAC.

Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 11:40.

Respectfully submitted, Sherry Rabbino-Lewis, Secretary

Date: Saturday December 3

Place: Sherry Rabbino-Lewis’ house

Present:  Vicki Singer, Vern Poitras, Rick Nickerson, Reeve Love, Linda Lopez McAlister, Alicia Lueras Maldonado, Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Andy Mayo

Absent: Jen Stephenson, Hasani Olujimi, George Williams

Time: Called to order at 10:10AM

Vicki moved that the November minutes be approved.  Andy seconded. Approved—with Reeve abstaining since she was not present at that meeting.

Treasurer’s report:  (Linda):  Income from July-November   =  $23,783.99

  Expenses: $16 ,745.25 

  Available funds: $7,006.24 

  Sequestered funds:  $10,000

Andy moved that the Treasurer’s Report be approved, Vern seconded, unanimously approved.

Vicki announced that we can have the Balloon Museum on April 23rd for our 10th Anniversary party!  Hasani is the committee chair for this event.  Discussion:  Silent auction or raffle items needed.  Should the event be open to the public for a fee? No problem if they sign up in advance.  Andy noted that this would be a good way to show people the benefit of membership. Vicki: I move that we hold the party at the Balloon Museum on April 23, from 6-9PM, and that it be free to members and open to the public for a fee.  Rick seconded, all approved.  Fee will be determined later. 

Play Dates: Linda reported that member theatres were called and asked for recommendations, from which seven productions were chosen:  

1.  Working Classroom: Solving for X(youth/Latino — Feb.19 at NHCC)

2.  Landmark Musicals: Kiss Me Kate(musical— Mar. 12 at Rodey)

3.  Opera Southwest:  Pagliacci + Circus Acts (Opera—April 2 matinee @NHCC —Following this short opera, audience will move outside and be treated to a variety of circus performers

4.  ALT: The Miracle Worker (drama—April 23 matinee)

5.  Adobe: The Mikado (operetta—April 30 matinee)

6.  Vortex:  The Importance of Being Earnest (classic comedy — May 7)

7.  West End Productions @ N4th:  Educating Rita (comedy — May 14 matinee)

Discussion ensued about the process of choosing venues and reserving tickets.

Andy moved that the Board accept the committee’s recommendation for play dates. Reeve seconded, motion unanimously carried.

Vicki said that Terry Davis has agreed to facilitate the board retreat and she asked the board to submit topics to cover. She moved that the annual retreat be held on January 14th, with Terry Davis as facilitator.  Sherry seconded and the motion carried unanimously. Vicki, Andy and Vern will meet with Terry Davis.

Discussion: We need to photograph and post events.  Linda proposed that we do a spring fund-raising mailing. She was thanked for writing the NM Arts grant.

Membership/TLC:  Andy met with Wendy and Hasani to set up membership format. (Wendy has agreed to head up TLC for $125 a month. Hasani will lead Unity Committee.)  Andy wants to write a letter inviting former members to return, but needs something to offer.  Perhaps the auditions program? Sherry had spoken with Claudia, who will be sending a note to interested volunteers to get the ball rolling on planning that offering.

The next TLC event will be Brian Herrera speaking on the history of children jn theatre, December 28 at the African Arts Building.  Vern and Andy will post a notice.

Buzz Committee:  (Vern) Had good traffic at the (complimentary) ATG booth at the Rio Grande Arts and Crafts Festival. He’s trying to get space at ComiCon, but it might be too costly.  Jen (Twitter),  Vicki and Alicia (Facebook) and Linda (constant contact) are posting events and show openings. Peter St Cyr is doing good work on PR.

Playwrights Circle: (Andy)  Brian Hansen has agreed to be chief judge at the May 20th play readings at the Adobe. Deadline for submissions: Jan 31, 45 page limit.  Depending on number of entrants, possibly three sessions will be presented in one day.  Dennis West has already raised some money for the event. 

 Discussion about getting an ATG app for cell phone to increase hits on our website.  Vicki will check with Cheri to see if we don’t already have that.  

She wondered if it were time to create another airport display, which was so successful.  Andy offered to lend two mannequins he had purchased at the MTS garage sale! Sherry will check with Val, who did such a great job last time.

Vicki moved to adjourn the meeting.  Everyone seconded! Meeting adjourned at 11:35AM.

Next meeting will be our annual retreat on January 14th.  Location?

Respectfully submitted, Sherry Rabbino Lewis (Secretary)

October 1, 2016 at Sherry’s house

Present:    Vicki, Linda, George, Vern, Rick, Andy, Sherry
Absent:     Reeve, Hasani, Jen, Alicia
Guest:      Dennis West
Meeting began at 10:15AM

Brief discussions:
1. Should we change meeting dates to the second Saturday of the month?  No, leave as is.
2. Sept. Treasurer’s Report: Linda emailed.  (see attached files)

3.  Vern will be added to the bank’s signature file.

4.  There are still a few boxes ofSPOTLIGHT left, but most have been delivered.  La Vida Llena rejected distribution of the brochure.  Vern will investigate further to find out why, since there are hundreds of residents there who
     might be interested in attending theatre.

5.  Dennis West from Playwright’s Circle presented a proposal from that group (he and wife Caroline Wickwire will be facilitators after the resignation of Ninette Mordaunt).
    They are planning a one day festival of staged readings of members' plays and requested financial support from the ATG board.  Their grant proposal was rejected by the ATG Grant Committee
    because they are an arm of ATG.  It was unanimously agreed that we should support them, but how?   Sherry suggested that we agree to donate up to a specific amount, depending on their need at the time.
    Vern moved that the amount should be up to $400 and that ATG’s sponsorship must be publicly acknowledged.
    Motion passed with one abstention—Andy, since he is a member of the Circle.  Dennis also requested use of the ATG website and was informed it was already available to them.
    George tentatively offered the Adobe Theatre as a one time venue free of charge for the spring date when the theatre will be vacant--pending approval of the Adobe board.
    Linda suggested the Wells Fargo theatre in the NHCC as another possibility, although there would be a fee. There was discussion of coordinating a general audition weekend with this festival.

     FUNDRAISING:  Lindareported income of $160.  She noted that October’s “Giving Tuesday” would not be worth doing as the last one brought in very little.
     PLAY DATES: There were 22 responses from a Constant Contact announcement.   On Sept. 1st, Rick met with APS Art/Drama Coordinator, Ann Blankenship. He requested that her department allow us to contact APS Middle and H.S. teachers as well as Charter Schools
           to make them aware of our Play-Date program.  Ms. Blankenship responded positively and allowed us to use the APS logo and their mail service.  This working partnership with APS will save money for ATG in mailing costs.

     TLC: Vern is planning to organize no more than two events each month.  The next will be a Reviewers Panel at the Adobe on October 22.

     BUZZ :  Vernsuggested creating a document listing famous people who began their careers in Albuquerque theatre.  He will continue to staff tables at special events such as festivals and art fairs where ATG
             and individual organization member’s literature is available.

     MEMBERSHIP:  September shows a total active membership of 191, with overdue renewals at 20. Andy has prepared a guide for members explaining how to use ATG’s website to post their information.  It will be available on the website.

7.  Vicki announced the winners of the ATG organizational grants: Elite Dance & Theatre, ALT, Popejoy, Camino Real, Las Hembras de Pluma (six women writers, four of whom are individual members) and Young Actors.
    This led to a discussion about amending the ATG grant awarding process. Currently the Grant Committee presents their awardees to the ATG Board, but the board is not given prior information as to the applicants or the rationale behind the choices made.
        Since the funding comes from ATG, it was felt that the ATG Board should be party to the process, as it is in the Youth Scholarship awards for example.  Andy moved that in future all grants go through the ATG Board prior to any decision being made.
     Motion was unanimously approved.  George offered to draft a policy for this committee, reflecting this change in process.

8.  A long discussion ensued about value of opening night baskets, culminating in the decision to continue presenting them through December (Val had agreed to do this) but then stop.  General appreciation was expressed for Val’s tireless efforts and contributions to ATG
     these past years, especially as creator and distributor of opening night baskets,  promoter of high school preview nights and Chair of the Unity Committee.  Her place as an Individual Member on the board should be filled
     before June.  Hasani was suggested as a replacement for Chair of the Unity Committee.  Andy said Membership should be represented on it. Regarding committees, Linda said she would compile a current list.

9.   George asked: What is ATG?  What does it do? Where are we heading?   Andy said our purpose was to support member organizations and build audiences for live theatre.   He also noted that it was imperative that the Board develop
      a plan for officer succession.  All agreed that this should be topic for our annual retreat.

      It was suggested that, when on live TV,  interviewees should mention their membership in ATG, or have our logo be displayed.  Vicki said TV shows refuse to do that.
      She advised that all ideas for promoting ATG should go to the Buzz Committee.

10. A tentative date for the annual retreat was set for January 14, facilitator and location to be decided.  Vicki will ask Terry if a meeting room at Popejoy would be available. She asked the Board to think of facilitators and other possible venues.

11.  The question was asked whether member theatres could use our 501(c)3 status?  No, only TLC can.

12.  Vicki raised the problem of how to develop organization liaisons into effective contacts, since many “liaisons” are not even aware that they are serving in that capacity.  How can we get organization members to see the value of this contact?
       Should the ATG board ask permission to attend member theaters’ board meetings?  Each ATG board member would have to participate and would need an agenda to present to the theater board..

13.  Next year is ATG’s tenth anniversary and our annual party should celebrate that.  Vicki will check with the Balloon Museum for availability.   She asked Board members to check for availability of other venues in case
       the museum would not be willing to host us again.  Might we entice a famous Albuquerque native to make an appearance (like Neal Patrick Harris)?
       Linda said that fundraising ought to be an underground component of the celebration—perhaps hold a silent auction.  Andy noted the event should also include a membership drive, with outreach to former members as well..

14.  NEXT MEETING:  NOVEMBER 5, 10AM AT RICK’S HOUSE,  7117 Loma del Norte Rd. NE

15.  Meeting adjourned 12:30PM

Respectfully submitted,
Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Secretary


The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild met on Saturday, August 6, at the home of Hasani Olujimi. Present were Organizational Representatives Vicki Marie Singer (Musical Theatre SW), Vernon Poitras (Enchanted Rose Theatre), Linda Lopez McAlister (Camino Real Productions), Reeve Love (NHCC), Alicia Lueras Maldonado (Las Meganenas) and Individual Member Representatives Andy Mayo, Hasani Olujimi. This constituted a quorum. Jen Stephenson (Mother Road Theatre Company) who is considering a replacement appointment to the Board, was also present. Absent were Sherry Rabbino Lewis and George Williams.

Minutes: The minutes of the July meeting are being revised and will be sent to members for approval via email.

Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Linda Lopez McAlister distributed and reviewed the July Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. It was moved and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report. Carried unanimously. Andy inquired about the continued existence of the TLC account. Linda said that our bookkeeper, Claudia Mathes, was continuing to use that account for appropriate expenditures until the money in the account was gone rather than transferring its funds into a different account. No new deposits are being made into that account. Dues from ATG/TLC members are going into the appropriate ATG account.

New Business.

Because we have new members on the Board and a visitor (Jen) who may become an Organizational Rep, the first order of business was to give an overview of ATG’s work and answer questions for new members, Rick, Ojimi, and Alicia.

Committee Reports:

Buzz Committee -- Vern Poitras, Chair. Reported on upcoming events such as Comicon for which he’s trying to get an ATG table and on upcoming media bookings, and other PR efforts.

Vicki reported that work on the Fall/Winter issue of “Albuquerque Spotlight on Live Theatre is progressing and that it should be delivered from the printer on the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend. At that time the distribution efforts will get underway. It is important that we deliver boxes immediately to all the theatres with shows on that weekend. Other deliveries can take place the following week and we need to determine who will be making deliveries to which locations. We need someone to take over working with Vern to make deliveries to all the senior/community centers.

Membership Committee – Andy Mayo, chair. Individual membership renewals are down, and we need to develop new ways of recruiting individual members.

Committee Structure.

We need to review and reestablish the committees because the changes in Board membership leaves vacancies on several key committees. Linda volunteered to make a list of the committees and vacancies that need to be filled.

Next Meeting

Since the first Saturday in September is Labor Day Weekend, it was decided to hold the September Board meeting on the second Saturday, i.e., September 10, and Rick offered his home for the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Linda Lopez McAlister (substituting for Sherry Rabbino).

July 2, 2016 Board MeetingCall to Order.

The Board of Directors of the Albuquerque Theatre Guild met on
Saturday, July 2, 2016, at the home of Sherry Rabbino.
The meeting was called to order by President Vicki Marie Singer at 10:10 a.m.

Present were Organizational Representatives Vicki Singer (MTS), Vernon Poitras (Enchanted Rose Theatre), Linda Lopez McAlister (Camino Real Productions),
Reeve Love (NHCC), and Individual Member Representatives Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Andy Mayo, and Hasani Olujimi. This constituted a quorum. Absent were Alicia Lueras Maldonado (Las Megenanas), Rick Nickerson (IR), George Williams (IR).
Also present was Denise Schulz.

Minutes. The minutes of the May 9th meeting were approved via email.

Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Denise Schulz presented her final Treasurer’s Report
for June, 2016. It was approved unanimously. Then she departed the meeting taking with her the love and gratitude of the entire board for her years of dedication to the position and to ATG.

Replacement Board Members

An email was sent to organizational members liaisons calling for a vote to retain Vern Poitras and Vicki Singer for another 2 year term each ending June 30, 2018. They were voted back on the board via email.

New Business

Election of Board Officers

The board nominated and voted on ATG officers for the 2016-17 term, the vote was unanimous. The officers serving from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 are:

President: Vicki Singer

Vice-President: Vernon Poitras

Treasurer: Linda López McAlister

Secretary: Sherry Rabbino Lewis


Andy showed the board the new membership cards which that are being mailed out to all individual members in window envelopes. A motion was passed that all liaisons would also receive an individual membership card.

Member Discounts

Hasani volunteered to contact all organizational member theatres to clarify if they are offering ATG/TLC discounts and exactly what the discount is.

2016-2017 Scholarship Program

Via email Vicki brought to the board’s attention that a new member has joined ATG, The Play Conservatory. The Play Conservatory has reached out to children in the community that are in need of financial assistance to attend theatre programs. Since, with the additional funds allocated for Youth Scholarship Program this year thanks to our Lineberry grant, we were prepared to offer 20 Youth scholarships for 2016-17 but we only had 11 applicants, Vicki asked the board if they would consider re-opening the Scholarship application period. The board agreed. Emails were sent to all liaisons giving them a week to respond and 8 new applications were received. The board voted to award all 8 new applicants a scholarship worth up to $200.

Upcoming PR events.

Vern noted that upcoming ATG/TLC events will be posted on the ATG website. He also mentioned the upcoming events in July and August.

Spotlight Guide

Vicki announced that a notice to all organizational members that the deadline for copy and photos for the Fall/Winter 2016-17 has been sent with a July 25 date. It included a note that all memberships will have to be current by that date to get your free listing in the guide.

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 11:40 am.

Respectfully submitted, Sherry Rabbino Lewis, Secretary