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The Women

Auditions: By appointment only. Format to be determined.

Saturday, July 20, 2019 – 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 21, 2019 – 6:00 pm. to 8:30 p.m.

Please contact Donna Marie Barra @ dmb0857@aol.com for an appointment and further information.

Performances: October 11 – November 3, 2019.
Rehearsals: Will begin on or about Monday, August 19, 2019. Monday – Thursday evenings, some weekends (to be determined).



Filled with strong, colorful, comedic characters, a snappy supporting cast of many, and an abundance of witty dialogue, Clare Boothe Luce’s The Women is juicy, wicked, and full of guilty fun. It is both a scathing commentary on the life of the superficial, selfish socialite and a knowing, heartfelt depiction of romantic rivalry, toxic friendships, and the thousands of supporting roles women play in offices, salons, and their own lives.


This work is an all-female ensemble and will require some to play multiple roles.

MARY HAINES, mid-30’s, a society matron. Mary is the center of the play; it is around her life and troubles that the action of the play revolves. She is strong and amiable and does not (as a rule) indulge in cattiness, self-pity, or materialistic greed. She has it all. She’s the ideal of the period. Until, of course, everything goes wrong.

SYLVIA FOWLER, mid-30’s, a society matron, part of Mary’s coterie. Sylvia, though she occupies the exact same societal position as Mary, is her polar opposite. She is sleek and feline but prone to vicious gossip and social maneuvering. She is expert at it. This role requires a comedienne who excels not only at rapid-fire badinage but physical comedy.

CRYSTAL ALLEN, 25-35, a shopgirl. Crystal is Mary’s rival for the affections of her husband. She is drop-dead gorgeous (though her lack of subtlety reveals her tastes as “cheap”), truly savvy, ruthless, tough as nails, seething with social ambition. 

EDITH POTTER, mid 30’s, a society matron, part of Mary’s coterie. Edith is perpetually pregnant and unhappy, trapped and wallowing in her own self-pity and sense of entitlement. This role requires a comic actress with impeccable deadpan delivery.

PEGGY DAY, 20’s, a newlywed, part of Mary’s coterie. Peggy is the youngest of Mary’s group of friends and hasn’t yet defined a façade to present to society. She broadcasts her marital and financial struggles guilelessly (may be a multiple role).

NANCY BLAKE, 35 – 50, an authoress, part of Mary’s coterie. An acid wit and dedicated virgin, Nancy is as close as Mary’s society gets to “fighting the power.” She and Mary are really the only ones in this group of friends to see the ridiculousness of their positions.

MIRIAM AARON, 30 – 35, a performer in musical comedy. Though, like Crystal, Miriam is an ambitious woman who has risen into society by marriage, her no-nonsense attitude and innate sense of right and wrong set her apart from many of these characters in terms of likeability. She tells it like it is, has no illusions about herself, and pokes holes in the ridiculousness of others.

FLORA, THE COUNTESS DE LAGE, 50 – 60, a serial bride. The Countess is the eldest of Mary’s friends, and a figure of fun among them. She’s a bit dotty, ridiculously pampered and self-deluded, and relies completely on her faith in “l’amour” to get her through life’s more difficult moments.

JANE, 20’s, Mary’s maid. Jane is a young housemaid who lives vicariously and emotionally through the women she encounters in Mary’s company. A great comic character. (may be a multiple role).

LITTLE MARY, 9 – 12, Mary’s daughter. Little Mary is a bright, vivacious child, who offers an unvarnished view of Mary’s life.

MRS. MOREHEAD, 50 – 65, Mary’s mother. Mrs. Morehead is a model patrician, expert in the ways and means of polite society. The advice she offers Mary is always correct; she is kind and loving, but reticent to suffer fools. 

OLGA, (any age), a manicurist. An inveterate gossip with machine gun delivery who unwittingly informs Mary of her husband’s affair (will be a multiple role).

MAGGIE,50’s, Mary’s cook. A wise “downstairs woman who seems to know the difference between gossip and reality. 

MISS WATTS, (any age) Mary’s husband’s secretary. Miss Watts offers us a rare and candid glimpse of a 1930s woman who’s married to her job (will be a multiple role). 

EXERCISE INSTRUCTRESS at Elizabeth Arden (any age). Hard as nails, the Instructress guides the more clueless matrons through their exercise rituals at a luxurious day spa (will be a multiple role).

MISS FORSYTHE,(any age).Little Mary’s school teacher and bearer of bad news for Mary (will be a multiple role).

LUCY, 45-55, manager of a Reno Divorce Colony. Lucy is a life worn hotel proprietress whose contact with New York Society is only through her female guests who come through Reno to get divorced. She’s folksy and hilarious (will be a multiple role).

NURSE, (any age), in a maternity ward. In one of the most hilarious scenes in the play, the maternity nurse lambastes Edith for her pampered ways (will be a multiple

Other roles include salesgirls, dressers and customers at Saks Fifth Ave., beauty salon staff and customers, and other named character roles.



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2:00 PM14:00

Zombie Attack! Halloween Special Event


nformation: HALLOWEEN FUN --AUX DOG THEATER - AUDITIONS---Saturday, JUNE 1 from 2 to 6 PM

ZOMBIE ATTACK! by Justin Tanner and Andy Daley
Directed by Art Tedesco Performance Dates: Oct 11-Nov 3, 2019

Auditions: Aux Dog Theater, 3011 Monte Vista Blvd. NE; info@auxdog.com; 505-596-0607
Satutrday, JUNE 1 from 2 to 6 PM. Call backs to be determined

ZOMBIE ATTACK! is one of Los Angeles’ longest running shows, with a 10 -year run and 380 performances and has since had numerous revivals. It was the first of a long line of hit plays written & produced by Tanner including Wife Swappers, Teen Girl, Bitter Women, and Pot Mom.

Former college buddies get together one weekend to help Cory clean out her recently deceased aunt’s cabin. A few of the friends take this opportunity as an excuse to party like the old days. Relationships and future plans are discussed. Things turn a bit creepy when college pal Speed’s girlfriend, Crystal, who fancies herself a mystic, performs a ceremony out of a mysterious book she recently purchased to bring back a dead cat that she accidently ran over. Her spell worked better than she expected. A COMEDY/HORROR extravaganza for Halloween! Lots of blood and body parts and guaranteed Fun roles.

TONY – Male. Late teens/early 20s. Cory’s younger brother. Small part. (possibly double cast with Tom)
PIERCE – Male. Age open. Straight-laced, type. Turns out to be a serial killer. Small part. (Possibly double cast with Gary or Speed or one of the zombies)
BUDA – Male. Mid/late 20s. Cory’s slacker boyfriend.
CORY – Female. Mid/late 20s. Flight attendant with a boyfriend in every city. Buda’s girlfriend.
GARY – Male. Mid/late 20s. Antique shop owner. Shannon’s husband.
SHANNON – Female. Mid/late 20s. Aspiring actress that hasn’t been able to break out of the community theater scene. Gary’s wife.
SPEED – Male. Mid/late 20s. Artist. Crystal’s plaything.
CRYSTAL – Female. Older than the couples, but age is open. Eccentric. Speed’s sugar momma.
ALICE – Female. High school age. Band member.
TOM – Male. High school age. Band member.
VARIOUS ZOMBIES – All shapes and sizes, but mostly teens.

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4:00 PM16:00

The Cake

We are adding AUDITIONS for THE CAKE on Wednesday, May 15 from 4 pm to 7 pm. NONE OF THESE ROLES HAVE BEEN PRECAST!!! APPOINTMENT ONLY -Please call or email ahead for an appointment time on Wednesday--info@auxdog.com; 505-596-0607. We will provide sides and if you have a monologue, we'd like to see that. THE CAKE by Bekah Brunstetter is a highly acclaimed new play by the writer/producer of Emmy-nominated outstanding drama series THIS IS US and was previously produced at Manhattan Theatre Club, The Geffen, La Jolla Playhouse, and the Alley Theatre in Houston.
Directed by Janet Davidson Performance Dates: July 19-Aug 11, 2019 (Southwest Premiere)
Auditions: Aux Dog Theater, 3011 Monte Vista Blvd. NE.



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11:00 AM11:00

AUDITIONS FOR Staged Reading Festival: Lost Posadas

Auditions at VSA N. 4th, 4904 N. 4th St. NW. Brian Hansen, Director. No prepared audition material is required. For further information, please call the director, Brian Hansen, at (805) 637-4032.
Seeking actors (male and female) for a staged reading of a new, bilingual play set in Northern New Mexico. Lost Posadas has been selected for a single performance at the Adobe Theatre on May 17th as part of their Third Annual ATG Playwright’s Circle Staged Reading Festival.. Rehearsals will be limited (a total of 9 hours spread over 3 rehearsals) and the actors will be carrying scripts. Thus, a staged reading of a new play is a great opportunity for actors to hone their reading skills while developing fully realized characters. Because the play is bilingual in parts, special attention will be given to Latina actors, especially those who speak Spanish.
Lost Posadas deals with a village rediscovering its roots by re-staging the folk play Las Posadas; the fact that most of the village has never even seen the play and that their opening night will be live on national television only heightens the pressure.
Outstanding roles are available, including:
The hard driving (female) mayor of the town;
Three Hispanic young women who figure centrally in the action;
Two young Hispanic Men, one of whom ends up playing the devil;
One Hispanic male who heads up a garage band (and preferably plays the guitar);
The female, take-charge producer of a television production company.

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to May 5

Monty Python's Spamalot

Landmark Musicals

If you're familiar with Monty Python movies and television episodes, you know that the sketches and plots are crazy and most of the characters are nuts. So you must act accordingly. Note, too, that most actors, by design and not because we're cheap (which we are) play multiple roles. All the more fun. Of course, everybody plays it straight.


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6:00 PM18:00

Disney's Newsies at Musical Theatre Southwest

Vocal Auditions — by appointment only

Friday, March 29

  • 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday, March 30

  • 9:00am to 12:00pm

  • 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Songs should be less than two minutes.
Please bring sheet music in a three ring binder.
No a cappella or recorded music for auditions.
A pianist will be provided for all auditions.

Choreography Auditions.

Saturday, March 30

  • 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Dress in proper athletic/dance attire (NO JEANS).
Wear jazz shoes or sneakers.
Tap shoes encouraged, but not required.
No open toed shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.

Callback Auditions

Sunday, March 31

  • Times TBA

Please keep 10:00am – 6:00pm open for availability.


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to Feb 24


Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill

Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill is looking for actors trained and/or experienced in Shakespearean performance. We are seeking dynamic performers who understand how to make Shakespeare's language active and accessible. We encourage actors of color and all ethnicities to audition. We would like to see a Shakespeare monologue of approx. 2 minutes, either dramatic or comedic. If you do not have a monologue prepared, we will ask you to read cold from sides we will provide. Male and female actors of all ages are needed. Please send your headshot and resume to info@auxdog.com and we will contact you with an audition time.

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12:00 PM12:00

TARTUFFE by Moliere, (Richard Wilbur translation)

Adobe Theatre

Run dates; May 31 – June 23
Rehearsal dates; April 22 -May 31

Directed by; Mario Cabrera

Saturday, February 16, Noon -3 PM
Sunday, February 17, 6 PM- 9 PM

Possible Call backs Monday, February 18.
Readings will be from script sides available at the theatre the day of auditions.
“Tartuffe” is being set in the Post-Civil War South, so southern accents will be needed for most characters.

Roles available:

*The roles ofTartuffe, Dorine, Orgon & Elmire have been cast. *
Cleante ~ 30 – 50, Elmire’s brother, he’s the voice of reason and calm
Damis ~ 17-25, Orgon’s son by his first wife; an uncontrollable hothead
Valere ~ 17-25, Mariane’s suitor, the love of her life
Loyal/Officer ~ 25 Plus, A bailiff who serves eviction papers to Orgon, who is the “Officer” in disguise
Marianne ~ 17-25, Hopelessly in love with Valere, daughter of Orgon
Mme. Pernelle ~ 60 plus, Orgon’s mother; totally deluded by Tartuffe

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to Feb 18

Guards at the Taj

Auditions will be held at The Vortex Theater on Saturday February 16th from
11am - 3pm and Monday February 18th from 6pm - 9pm.
Performance dates are Friday - Sunday April 26th to May 19th.
Rehearsals will start on or around March 6th.

Cast: Two Men between 25-35.

Babur: Imperial Guard at the Taj Mahal. Practical. Understands his place in the
world and the importance of structure and order.
Humayun: Imperial Guard at The Taj Mahal: Impulsive. A dreamer and romantic.
THE STORY: In 1648 India, two Imperial Guards watch from their post as the sun
rises for the first time on the newly-completed Taj Mahal—an event that shakes
their respective worlds. When they are ordered to perform an unthinkable task,
the aftermath forces them to question the concepts of friendship, beauty, and
duty, and changes them forever.
Actors will do cold readings from the script.
For additional details and to schedule an appointment please email director Marc
Comstock at MarcComstock@gmail.com

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4:30 PM16:30


Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill

The Flick Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Drama In a rundown movie theatre, 3 underpaid employees sweep up popcorn in the empty aisles and tend to one of the last 35 mm projectors in the state. With keen insight and a ceaseless attention to detail, The Flick pays tribute to the power of movies and paints a heartbreaking portrait of 3 characters and their working lives. This comedy by one of the country's most produced and highly regarded young playwrights was awarded the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and an Obie Award for Playwrighting and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Runs March 15 to April 7

Sam - 30 to 40 Caucasian. 

Avery - 19 to 22 African-American 

Rose - 23-25 Caucasian 

Skylar/Dreaming Man - Mid-Twenties. 

A loveable loser who missed the train in life. There’s a likable quality about him and he’s smart, but he’s untested. The reason being is that he has never had the confidence or support to try to succeed in any aspect of his life.

A fragile young man who is trying to rebuild his life. His passion for film is a refuge for him and emotionally he feels the world is an unkind place. He has the support of his professor father, although he is estranged from his mother, which is part of his negative world view. Faced with confrontations, Avery wilts, but there is a dormant strength within this sensitive young man. 

A strong personality who is busy living life to the fullest. She owns her sexuality but she is also confused by it. She has a collage degree and carries the confidence of the educated. She recognizes the broken parts of herself, but is not defeated by them. She connects or not, with people who interest her sexually, but she is self aware enough to know that emotionally this might not be healthy for her. She has empathy, but is also self serving and is manipulative. 

Skylar/Dreaming Man:
Dreaming man simply falls asleep in the movie theatre and is woken by Sam and Avery. 

Skylar is the new employee who replaces Avery when he is fired. Skylar is young, energetic and
efficient. He brings the ‘unbroken’ energy of a healthy individual who is passing through a present job onto a career one day soon.

Justin Golding is a writer / director of both theatre and film. He is a published author of short stories and poetry and is a produced playwright / screenplay writer. He also holds a doctorate in creative and critical writing. His short and feature films have won a number of awards and he has been fortunate enough to direct such actors as John Schneider, Brian Krause and N’Bushe Wright. He is excited to be directing the Pulitzer Prize winning play, The Flick by Annie Baker at the Aux Dog Theatre.


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