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Zombie Attack! Halloween Special Event


nformation: HALLOWEEN FUN --AUX DOG THEATER - AUDITIONS---Saturday, JUNE 1 from 2 to 6 PM

ZOMBIE ATTACK! by Justin Tanner and Andy Daley
Directed by Art Tedesco Performance Dates: Oct 11-Nov 3, 2019

Auditions: Aux Dog Theater, 3011 Monte Vista Blvd. NE;; 505-596-0607
Satutrday, JUNE 1 from 2 to 6 PM. Call backs to be determined

ZOMBIE ATTACK! is one of Los Angeles’ longest running shows, with a 10 -year run and 380 performances and has since had numerous revivals. It was the first of a long line of hit plays written & produced by Tanner including Wife Swappers, Teen Girl, Bitter Women, and Pot Mom.

Former college buddies get together one weekend to help Cory clean out her recently deceased aunt’s cabin. A few of the friends take this opportunity as an excuse to party like the old days. Relationships and future plans are discussed. Things turn a bit creepy when college pal Speed’s girlfriend, Crystal, who fancies herself a mystic, performs a ceremony out of a mysterious book she recently purchased to bring back a dead cat that she accidently ran over. Her spell worked better than she expected. A COMEDY/HORROR extravaganza for Halloween! Lots of blood and body parts and guaranteed Fun roles.

TONY – Male. Late teens/early 20s. Cory’s younger brother. Small part. (possibly double cast with Tom)
PIERCE – Male. Age open. Straight-laced, type. Turns out to be a serial killer. Small part. (Possibly double cast with Gary or Speed or one of the zombies)
BUDA – Male. Mid/late 20s. Cory’s slacker boyfriend.
CORY – Female. Mid/late 20s. Flight attendant with a boyfriend in every city. Buda’s girlfriend.
GARY – Male. Mid/late 20s. Antique shop owner. Shannon’s husband.
SHANNON – Female. Mid/late 20s. Aspiring actress that hasn’t been able to break out of the community theater scene. Gary’s wife.
SPEED – Male. Mid/late 20s. Artist. Crystal’s plaything.
CRYSTAL – Female. Older than the couples, but age is open. Eccentric. Speed’s sugar momma.
ALICE – Female. High school age. Band member.
TOM – Male. High school age. Band member.
VARIOUS ZOMBIES – All shapes and sizes, but mostly teens.

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