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Blood and Money, a World Premiere

AUDITIONS for BLOOD and WATER by Andy Mayo. Please submit your headshot and resume and any questions to us at and we will contact you immediately by this weekend. We are looking for 3 strong actors to bring these roles to life for this play's World Premiere.

SYNOPSIS: In the visceral style of Sam Shepard, Blood and Water is a deadly contest between two brothers and the woman who demands to know the truth both men have kept hidden.

ART – 30 to 48, Sam’s younger brother, lean, wiry, a former athlete. He is urbane and ruthless. A partner in a private equity firm. He used a basketball scholarship to escape the rural Southwest and has never returned.

STEFFI – 30 to 48, Art’s wife, fashionable, urbane. A fashion editor, she works in a world of appearances but she is not fooled by them. However, she has turned a blind eye to some of Art’s business ruthlessness.

SAM – 35 to 50, tall, muscular, powerful build. An aging cowboy now the very proud owner of a several thousand-acre ranch, which he has turned into a water business originally financed by Art. He does not know that Art’s seeming generosity is key to the revenge plot he has come to the ranch to complete.