AFTER THE FALL by Arthur Miller, directed by James Cady

Miller & Marilyn Under the Tree.jpg


The most controversial play of the 1960s comes to the Aux Dog Theatre stage this September helmed by critically acclaimed director James Cady.

 Like “Death of a Salesman,” AFTER THE FALL flashes back and forth through time as Quentin, the protagonist, looks for big answers about McCarthyism, The Holocaust and his relationships with women — especially the one with Maggie, a character based on Marilyn Monroe; their marriage is at the core of the play's central story. AFTER THE FALL is a transparently autobiographical piece of work although Miller denied any resemblance to himself and Monroe. Quentin’s life has been seen as a reflection of Arthur Miller’s own life in several respects, both privately and publicly, but perhaps the most well known reason for controversy is the figure of Maggie. Isn’t Quentin really Miller? Isn’t Maggie, the drug-addled sex symbol and pop superstar, really Marilyn Monroe? 

AFTER THE FALL is an emotionally intense drama that strips away the artifice and pretense of human interactions to get to the heart of the human condition.

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