AUDITIONS: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne adapted by Phyllis Nagy


Auditions for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s THE SCARLET LETTER adapted by Phyllis Nagy will be Saturday, March 3 at 2 P.M. and Sunday, Mar. 4 at 7 P.M. at the Aux Dog Theatre X-Space.

All roles for 3 women and 4 men are available. They are:

HESTER PRYNNE, 30-40’, confident, ironic;

PEARL: 16-25, Hester’s daughter, impish, precocious;

MISTRESS HIBBENS, 30-40, alluring, a witch;

ARTHUR DIMMESDALE,30-40, Puritan minister, sickly, wracked with guilt;

ROGER CHILLINGSWORTH, 50-ish, hump backed, Hester’s ex-husband, would-be doctor, craggy, foreboding;

GOVERNOR BELLINGHAM, 40-50. Well-meaning, effete, brother of Mistress Hibbens;

BRACKETT, 35-50, kind, slow on the uptake.

Auditionees will be reading from the script. Rehearsals begin July 30; production dates, Sept. 7-30.