Mother Road is producing a new play for the close of the 10th season!! The play is written by company member Kelsey Ann O'Keefe, with Julia Thudium and the Mother Road Theatre Company. Come meet the cast, director, designers and writers while enjoying delicious food & drink!

THE SHOW: "Around the World in (Less Than) Eighty Days: The True Adventures of Elizabeth Bisland and Nellie Bly."
In 1889, two journalists, Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland, set off to break Phileas Fogg’s record 80 day trip around the world. Racing in opposite directions through the heart of the Victorian age on trains, steamships, and even rickshaws, these trailblazing American women battled time, each other, and social conventions of the day. Join Nellie and Elizabeth on their rip-roaring rides around the globe and into the history books! Appropriate for ages 11 and up!

Directed by Julia Thudium

Location - Sadies of New Mexico on 4th Street