Partners take a bow


Producers ($2,500+)

Lineberry Foundation

New Mexico Arts

Directors ($1,000-$2,499)

Linda Lopez McAlister

Ray and Wendy Orley

Cast Members ($500-$999)

Publication Printers

Barbara and Hugh Witemeyer

Dean Yannais

Stagehands ($100-$499)

Anita and Jerry Harper

Gordon Jee

Charles B. Hogge and Kristen N. Hogge Trust

Richard Huff

Jerald Labinger

Lynn Mallory

Michelle and Donald Meaders,

Carol Ninkovich

Matthew O’Neill

Ina Miller

Joel Miller

Sandra and Cliff Richardson

Martin H. and Karen W. Shore

Dorothy Stermer

Dennis West

Audience members (up to $99)

Jeff Andersen

Marie Benoit

Sharon Bode

Jackie and Sam Bregman

Natasha and Jonathan Chisdes

Diane Cress

Alicia Fletcher

Terrence Gurley

Tammy Hanan

Robin Havens-Parker

Bill Helwig

Diana Kelleher

 Leonard Koel

Pam Krug

Jan Kunz

Marilyn Lafer

Margie Lapin

Mike Lash

Reeve Love

Michael Miller

Barbara & Brendan Morgan

Jason Murray

Barbara Shapiro

Vicki Singer

Valerie Scott

Ryan Shepherd

Fran Ahearn Smith

Linda Sprague

Anne-Marie Vidal

Caroline Wickwire

Tracey Wolfert





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T.J. Cardella for the
original ATG design
and Richard Boehler
for additional design