ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to a large number of applicants for scholarships, we are extending the notification date to April 21st!

The Albuquerque Theatre Guild (ATG) is an umbrella organization of live theatre companies, theatre practitioners, and theatre lovers dedicated to making the Albuquerque area's rich live theatre scene better known to both residents and visitors alike. Since 2009, ATG has awarded annual scholarships to youth interested in participating in one of the many theatre education programs offered by ATG’s member organizations. Last year, ATG was able to double the amount of money awarded and double the number of students receiving scholarships!
We will continue the increase again this year.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Lineberry Foundation, 20 Albuquerque youths will receive up to $200 each, to be used expressly for tuition in a theatre education class during the June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018 time period. The program is structured for youth ages 5 to 17.
The selected scholarship recipients will attend a special awards ceremony hosted by Mayor Richard J. Berry’s office.

Any youth wishing to apply for a scholarship may download application and instructions from the ATG website, emailing, or asking any Albuquerque Public Schools drama teacher. Applications must be submitted or received by ATG no later than April 5th, 2017, and students will be notified by Friday, April 14, 2017.

Theatres offering programs for youth 5-17:

1/  Play Conservatory - (Jonathan Dunski)

2/  The Growing Stage -(Kari Reese )288-1205 -

3/  East Mountain Centre for Theatre(Cheryl Atkins) 286-1950 -

4/  eliteDance & Theatre - (Cheri Costales) 440-0434 -

5./  New Mexico Young Actors (Paul Bower) 821-8055 -

6/  Rainbow Studio Theatre (Cathryn McGill) 407-6784 -

7./ Working classroom - 505-242-9267 -

8/  Aux dog Children’s Theatre (Kir Kipness) 254-7716 -

9/ Theatre-in-the-Making - 250-5344 -

10/Sol Acting Academy  -


Questions about this application may be directed to: Sherry Rabbino Lewis, ATG Secretary

(505-766-5485 or Vicki Singer, ATG President, (505-417-8600